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The Good News

Watch our quick video to get an update about the on-going development of the camp property!

Watch our quick video to get an update about

the on-going development of the camp property!

"But now he has reconciled you by Christ's physical body through death to present you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation--if you continue in your faith, established and firm, and do not move from the hope held out in the gospel." Col. 1:22-23

February was a month full of sharing the Gospel to many people in many ways! We were so encouraged by the all opportunities we had to see people meet Jesus! In Romania, the villages slow down during the winter because harvest is done and farm work takes a break till Spring. The churches take this opportunity to reach out to their communities as people have more time to attend church events. Each village will take a turn in hosting an Evangelistic week or weekend, bring in a special speaker, and the church members will serve throughout the event, sharing their testimonies and hosting guests.

This year we invited Terry Fossen of the Alberta Baptist Association and Dave Spate, Senior Pastor of Brentview Baptist, Calgary, to be the main speakers for our Evangelistic week. We worked Terry and Dave pretty hard as they preached at least once a day and they were in 6 different villages throughout the week. We were able to organize our first pastors conference at the camp. Dave and Terry taught on “Crisis” and “Sabbath”, which proved to be extremely fruitful teachings and conversations. They also ran a preaching seminar for elders from our churches. Throughout the week we witnessed a lot of lives being changed and people experiencing freedom in Jesus Christ. Dave and Terry were able to speak into a number of peoples' lives including a man who was losing everything in his life due to alcoholism. God was speaking to people and many gave their life to Jesus!

During the Evangelistic week we were blown away by our teens! They accompanied Terry and Dave throughout the week. They poured out their hearts as they shared their testimonies and lead worship in all 4 villages. It was powerful to see them stepping out in faith and serving. One girl who I just started teaching guitar this month already wanted to share her skills by serving in worship. Another one of our teen girls shared a word she received from the Lord about what it means to be obedient to the Lord’s call. She had received a specific word to share in January but shied away from the opportunity three times. She heard God ask her, “Why do you ask me to speak to you if you won’t share my words?” It is so encouraging to see her grow in her faith and step out as an inspired leader!

A second way we were able to share the Good News was partnering with Youth For Christ Hungary and Sam Rowland from Youth For Christ Vancouver. Sam reaches young people by sharing his testimony and the Gospel through his music and interactive presentation. My dad joined Sam on this trip to be his sound technician and it was such blessing for me to be able to spend some quality time with him! We joined the second half of Sam’s trip and were able to help run programs in 5 schools and 3 churches. We saw thousands of young people engage with the presentation, hear the Gospel and some even respond with their lives! This was also a great opportunity for Paul and I to build connections with schools and churches in Hungary who are interested in using the camp. We had a lot of encouraging conversations. One highlight from this experience was being able to support YFC Hungary as they pioneer a new ministry field in a city called "Gyor". Through Sam’s ministry we were able to further the reach of YFC Hungary through running a youth event at one of the local churches.

Thank you for journeying along with us! Make sure to watch our video at the top to see the facility development happening at the camp.

Tanya & Paul

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