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1 Month To Go!

Hello Everyone! It's October 1st which means we are officially 28 days from moving to Romania! We are beyond excited to jump on the plane at the end of the month and to begin full-time work for the Camp Falcon Rock ministry. The summer finished well at Camp Caroline, we felt physically tired at the end of the summer and yet, emotionally and spiritually energized. Tamas and Tunde flew back to Romania and they are currently working on a number of tasks to prepare for our arrival and to begin full-time work for Camp Falcon Rock. For the last month we have been living at Camp Caroline, which has allowed us to travel back and forth between Edmonton and Calgary to meet with churches and individuals about partnership opportunities. We are extremely encouraged by the response in all of our meetings. We also had the opportunity to speak at Brentview Baptist's Young Adults retreat and were able to share the story of God's call on our life for Romania. And finally, this month has given us time to sort out all of the administrative details for moving our lives overseas!


We had a fantastic summer with Tamas and Tunde (the Camp Directors of Camp Falcon Rock in Romania). We spent the summer experiencing various staff roles and dreaming and brainstorming ministry opportunities we want to pursue through Camp Falcon Rock. The time we spent together this summer was invaluable!


Paul and I had an incredible summer as staff pastors for Camp Caroline. We had the opportunity to work with around 70 summer staff. We feel energized by our busy summer as we had powerful experiences mentoring and speaking life into the staff at Camp!

On October 28th we will be flying out of Calgary, with our dog Theo, and make our way to Romania with no return ticket. It is exciting to think about landing in Romania and beginning the process of developing Camp Falcon Rock, where thousands of lives will be dramatically changed. Jesus will be preached, leadership development programs will be run and an educational centre will be developed.

With that, if you are interested in partnering with us, this is the month to do that as we try to finalize our support before leaving in less then a month. We need to say that we are beyond blessed with the support and encouragement we have already received. But with less then a month to go we are excited for the last push to build our team of support.

There are a number of ways to support us as we leave at the end of this month:

1) Sign up online to follow our journey, by receiving regular blog updates. We also just created a Facebook page called "Roots In Romania" Take a look at it, like it and wait for future updates.

2) Make a one-time donation or a pledge online, on the phone (1-916-797-6222), or by mail with the information we sent out this past summer.

3) Pray for us on October 28-29th as we make the two-day journey to Romania. That crossing boarders with our belongings, dog & each other will go smoothly.

Thanks so much everyone for your continued love and support! Lives are changed only because of Jesus and the community of support surrounding this ministry in Romania. Tanya and Paul

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