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Camp Falcon Rock is in a season of expanding its reach within Romania to see more young people transformed by the gospel. After nearly a decade of development and ministry, the camp is running at maximum capacity, and needing to expand to accommodate this momentum. With that, Camp Falcon Rock is looking for $500,000.00USD to complete its main lodge and help sponsor children to come to camp. The first $15,000.00USD will go toward sponsoring children for summer 2023 camps and everything raised above will go toward finishing the main lodge project. Your support will help increase the camp facility to host more campers as well as help subsidize camper fees allowing more young people to be transformed by the good news of Jesus through the ministry of Camp Falcon Rock.

To give toward the continued development and operation of Camp Falcon Rock

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Summer Camps

To sponsor kids and youth and help them to come to Camp Falcon Rock summer camps

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We look forward to partnering together with you as we know that this is a project that will require a whole community of people to succeed. Will you consider partnering with us in some of the following ways. 
Partner with us.

Our greatest financial need at the moment is funds for the capital campaign for Camp Falcon Rock. Please prayerfully consider giving towards the Camp Falcon Rock initiative through the NAB Reach campaign. Through routing your donation through the NAB Reach campaign you will be able to receive a tax deductible receipt. 

Support The Modis

CFR Director and Administrator

Support The Gerickes

NAB Field Directors

All donations are processed by the North American Baptist Inc. and are tax deductible. The NAB accepts both Canadian and American dollar donations.

Pray with us.
We have 4 on-going prayer requests
Praise God for his faithful leading and provision in all ways for this ministry!



Pray that hearts and lives of all who are involved would be enriched and transformed through growing in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


Pray for favour with permits and for provision of funds. We are continuing to develop the facility of the camp so that we can extend our ministry reach.
Pray that young people in Romania would continue to respond to the call of Christ and be raised into leaders for mission in Romania.


Contact us.
If you have ideas, connections or a similar heart and want to get involved
in a hands on way, please send us an email through our contact page 
or email us at

We'd love to hear your thoughts!
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