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A Need For Partnership

It is with great excitement and anticipation that Tanya and I step into this next season of ministry here in Romania. If I were to sum up the past couple months and the sense we have stepping into the fall it would be a ‘season of momentum.’ I can say this so confidently for a number of reasons.

First, the impact we saw throughout this summer programs was beyond what we had envisioned. We had over 50 volunteers from both North America, Romania and Hungary work alongside of us, we were invited to work in 10 different villages, see over 500 children and youth, hand out bibles to all of them and pray with many who gave their lives to Christ.

Second, our major building/operating permit that we have been waiting on for over a year was approved! We have been able to start and finish a number of building projects at the camp and will continue to develop the camp property this Fall.

Third, the North American Baptist Conference has launched the ‘REACH’ capital campaign which has a significant emphasis on our ministry. This means that a large portion of phase 1 development of Camp Falcon Rock will be supported through the NAB’s efforts.

I share this to get you excited for what God is doing here in Romania, to thank you for partnering with us and to invite you to come alongside of us in preparation for the major development ahead.

Vern & Gloria Wagner are in the final stages of their support raising to join the ministry here in Romania. Their involvement will be critical as we step into this season of momentum through the development of the physical structure and infrastructure of Camp Falcon Rock. This work will expand the entire ministry in Romania.

We are planning and praying that they would arrive here, in Romania, this fall to take on the large responsibility of being at the camp, every day to assist and help oversee the development of Camp Falcon Rock. Although they are close in realizing the financial support required to bring them here, we are inviting you to come alongside them to see this come to be a reality. Here is how you can play a key role in the ministry here in Romania:

  1. Support Vern & Gloria financially—now is the time. They cannot move out here until they have 80% raised, with 25% in pledges yet to be raised. Our prayer is to see them here October/November 2016

  2. Go to this page to find out more about the Wagner’s.

  3. Pray for Vern & Gloria as they prepare to transition from Canada to Romania.

We want to thank all of you for your ongoing prayer, support and encouragement. Lives in Romania are only impacted because of the large community of support surrounding the ongoing ministry and work. With great anticipation, we look forward to the days when Camp Falcon Rock will be opened and thousands of lives will be changed through English training, summer camps, leadership development programs and social programs which are all founded upon the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

Your Partners in Faithful Service,

Paul & Tanya Gericke

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