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November Ministry!

Hello Everyone!

It has again been an incredible month of ministry here in Romania! We made the exciting announcement this past month that we are bringing on another couple to be full time missionaries through the NAB. Vern and Gloria Wagner will be making the move out here hopefully in 2016 if fundraising goes well in these next few months. We had the pleasure of hosting the Wagners for a quick week-long trip where we discussed many details about their future positions working hands on with Tamas and Tunde at the camp. The Wagner’s had the opportunity as well to meet with the Camp Board to share their testimonies and connect about the camp work. We are so incredibly excited to have them a part of our team and even on this quick trip we saw so much fruit from their partnership.

Coming out of our retreat conference in Croatia this past October, we made a connection with a couple from Romania, who organize young adult ministries in the major city of Oradea. We were asked to join them in leading a worship night in late November as well as to share our testimony and a message. The ministries in the city versus the village are very different as the way of living is quite different. It was inspiring for us to partner along with this couple and witness the incredible work they are doing amongst the young people in Oradea. Paul and I led worship, shared our testimony, Paul preached and then after we held a response time for those attending. We were able to pray with a couple of the young people and still even now have continued to connect with some of them about the things God has been revealing to them as a result of that night.

I organized a Christmas Party for my English class at the end of the month/beginning of December. We played a number of fun ice breaker games, ate some great desserts, and did a Gingerbread house making contest where the students had to recreate a Gingerbread house using only English instructions. As the majority of my students are not from the Baptist church, I took this opportunity to make an advent calendar with them and lead them in a devotional to identify the real reason of Christmas and explained the best thing I can teach them is not English but Jesus! It will be great to see how this class may not only equip them with skills to provide them with more opportunities within Romania but also hopefully lead them to Christ.

Now we are blessed to have the chance to be back home in Canada for a couple of weeks visiting with family. We are spending a week in Alberta with Paul’s family as well as visiting friends and then we will head to Vancouver for a week to be with my family. This will be the first time that I will get to visit my family since my youngest sister was in the major bus accident in June. I am really looking forward to spending time with my sister and look forward to the many family hangouts planned! We will be leaving Vancouver to get back to Romania just in time for Christmas. We wanted to make sure we were back then as there will be 3 weeks straight of church every day/sometimes twice a day and Paul will be preaching over 20 times! We also love the opportunity to eat meals with people from the church and look forward to spending Christmas in the village with them. We pray you all have a blessed Christmas season! Tanya and Paul

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