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Has it really been a year?!

Has it really been a year?!

Wow--we can't believe it's been a year already! It was definitely a full year of ministry that flew by. We are so grateful to all of you who have been journeying along with us! This past month has also been full with many moments connecting with young people and ministry leaders across Romania as well as throughout Eastern Europe. It first began by meeting with Ron and Jeannie Seck (NAB missionaries in Hungary) along with Norm Poehlke, on the direction of NAB missions in our area. It was a fruitful time for all of us, and a great way to support and encourage each other in our ministries. Next we spent a week with the YFC Romania staff for their yearly retreat. We had the opportunity to support them as they vision cast the direction for YFC Romania as well as further learned about their youth ministries. We then joined the Zalau Baptist church for a weekend event that brought in a speaker to preach about “Science and Faith”. There was an opportunity for Q&A, which led to some powerful discussions and prayer times.

Following that, we were a part of a youth conference that hosted 350+ young people. We were able to speak about how to hunger and thirst after God and encouraged them to be a powerful next generation of influence and change in Romania.

We then had the opportunity to host YFC Hungary in our village, which allowed us to lead a VBS program and Youth/Young Adults event. We were able to see 70+ people from 5 of the surrounding villages come together for the programs that day. It was a moving experience to see youth from Hungary who share the same language and similar culture, tell stories of God’s work in their lives.

We finished the month at a Leadership conference in Croatia, where we were joined by 40 other ministry leaders from around Central/Eastern Europe. There were leaders from Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and also from the UK. It was an incredible week for our Camp Falcon Rock team to be refilled, refined and strengthened through growing in Christ, personally as well as a ministry team.

During this month, 4 young people from our village decided they wanted to get baptized. We were able to lead some baptism classes and support them as they took this step. These 4 young people just got baptized this past Sundayand the village spent the whole day celebrating. We had over 150+ show up at the church (usually our congregation is around 50). We had an emotional 3-hour service in the morning preaching about the celebration of baptism and hearing the testimonies of those getting baptized. One of the young guys shared that a few years ago he had the opportunity to accept Christ but refused. It wasn’t until this summer when he joined us at VBS and saw younger kids committing their lives that it stirred him to do the same! There were a number of special ways we celebrated this day which included worship being led by a choir and brass band from a nearby village and a banquet meal after the service. It was an incredible cultural experience for us to see how much they celebrate baptism. It is clear that the village is very proud and completely supportive of these 4 young people and their faith journeys.

As for the camp, we have been working to get approval of our site map to start more development in the spring. There is still one major permit we are waiting on. We had one court date this past month and have one more at the beginning of December. Please pray with us that it would be passed quickly and efficiently. Also please pray with us:

  • That the 4 young people in our village that were baptized would continue to grow in their faith and the village would continue to support them as they navigate their callings

  • That the many young people we encountered and spoke to this past month would be empowered to lead change within Romania

  • That Paul and I would receive healing from what we think is Bronchitis which we have been dealing with for the past 1.5months

Tanya and Paul Camp Falcon Rock Developers NAB Missionaries in Romania

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