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Let Fall Begin

September has been a beautiful month here in Romania being +35 degrees Celsius some days! It has only just started raining which the farmers are quite happy about because it will help with planting the wheat before winter (here they plant wheat before winter and let the seeds lie dormant until spring). It has been great for Paul and I to take a breath since the summer programs and get back into the office. Wow--we never thought we’d be saying that--but we truly have been enjoying the variety and having the opportunity to get through a lot of administrative work this month. We’ve also had to prepare our home for the winter and have been chopping up a lot of wood!

We have been able to get back into the regular schedule of working in our village community. I have started up English classes again. My class is now up to 15 teens and 6 younger kids. For the younger kids, I am having Miriam (one of my advance teen students) help me lesson plan and teach them. This is a great way for her and I to connect more and see her grow as a leader.

Paul has been preaching regularly again in the churches. He also had the opportunity to teach a lesson for our church’s Baptism class. We have 4 young people in our village wanting to get baptized this fall. Please pray for them as they make this decision and continue their journey in following Christ’s leading in their lives. Paul also had the opportunity to preach at the Hungarian Baptist Church Thanksgiving service where churches from all over this area come together to celebrate. We were planning to host this celebration at the camp and have a BBQ picnic, however the weather did not cooperate and we had to change the service to be held in a local church instead.

Tamas has been busy finishing renovations work at the camp. Our one building is looking great and now finally has functional bathrooms! No more out houses—yay! We are continuing to meet with local architects and contractors to make development plans for this spring. This fall we have to apply for a lot of permits before we can begin to build. Please pray that these meetings would go well and that the permit process would be smooth and efficient! As always, we are so grateful for all of your support! Tanya and Paul

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