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Summer Camps

Hello Friends and Family!

We hope you are all having a great summer enjoying the sun, outdoor BBQs and spending time with family and friends. We have been having an incredible summer of HEAT and of ministry with VBS programs in villages throughout Romania.

As we are waiting for operating permits for the camp, Tamas, Tunde, Paul and I decided that we should bring camp programs directly to youth by running 2 day VBS programs in village churches. Over the past couple of months, we were able to partner with 3 mission teams (Central Baptist, Lakeview Heights/Pilgrim Baptist, and YWAM), saw over 870 kids and ministered in 14 different villages the majority being new villages. We saw God plant seeds, harvest fruit and open our eyes to a huge vision and potential for what He may do through Camp Falcon Rock in the years to come.

YWAM York decided to come to us because one of the DTS leaders happened to be in a church service at Whitecourt Baptist when Paul and I were visiting last year sharing about Romania. We hosted a team of 13 and loved partnering with them in ministry and seeing their passion to share the Gospel and their testimonies with young people around Romania. We ran 4 two-day VBS programs primarily in new villages. We made a lot of connections with other villages and churches and are grateful that YWAM helped us open the doors for ministry.

The Lakeview/Pilgrim Baptist team of 8 people from the two different church congregations. The team quickly unified through their mission of serving in VBS, doing it with complete passion and attitudes of adventure and excitement. One story that stands out for us, is from our time in Simleu. We spent 2 days working in a school and we were able to build so many new relationships with people a part of the Simleu church. Because the church loved the idea of VBS so much and enjoyed the program we ran, they decided to continue the VBS program for the rest of the week! Thank you to the people and communities back home that helped provide for this team, by praying, encouraging and supporting them to come here.

Our goal through ministry here is to empower those in Romania to sense their calls in serving in God’s ministry. We saw incredible instances of this, this summer through the young girls from our village who volunteered. We had six girls from the village agree to help translate and lead activities for our VBS. They were an invaluable help to Tamas, Tunde, Paul and I as well as to the Lakeview/Pilgrim team. We know these girls well from living in the village with them and as I teach them English, but it was quite special to get to know them on a deeper level as we served together.

On a personal note, in June my family and I received some scary news revolving around my youngest sister. There was a horrific car accident that took place near Ottawa involving a charter bus and a semi-truck and the most serious injury incurred was involving my sister Jenny. Our family was devastated by the news we received and scared for what the next 24 hours for Jenny would be. The outlook for her life was not very hopeful and we received some very hard news from doctors about her potential recovery. Yet, God is good, powerful and the ultimate healer, and in my sisters case He provided miraculous healing where just 6 weeks later she has already been released from the hospital and is at home working with an Occupational Therapist who is helping her get back to normal life. Our family is praising God for His protection and provision over her life as well as for the community of support that as come around us. My sister is still recovering but her journey to get back to normal life is proving to be a quick and miraculous one. Please pray with us that God would continue to provide healing.

Now, Paul and I are taking some time off to relax with some friends who flew here to see us. The Fall will bring us a lot of work regarding the paperwork, permits and strategic development of the camp facility, so we are thankful to take some time off after the busyness of VBS ministry to re-charge for the work ahead in the Fall.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the ministry here. We appreciate each of you and your partnership in the transformation taking place.

Tanya and Paul



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